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download free music 8.2
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Download Free Music is a Windows program that lets you discover, download and convert music files.

While the days of Napster may be long gone, programs like Download Free Music have risen up to take its place. This approach, however, sidesteps the legal issues by only accessing public sources where copyright holders have shared music for free. The program also has an automatic update component that—unless you disable it—will automatically keep the software and available sources current.

Many of the public sources that Download Free Music uses are quite high-profile, such as YouTube and Vimeo. The program also uses services based in Russia, for instance, that many users may not be aware of it. If services require logging in, the program can even handle that for you automatically as needed.

What good is a music downloader if it doesn’t help you discover music? This is a major component of the app. Simply enter search terms broadly or for particular details, such as song title, artist and so on. Provided a query, the program will search all of the sources you have available to you and return consolidated search results.

Download Free Music can download music in whatever format its delivered in. If that format isn’t MP3, it can compress it into MP3 on the fly, and whether just downloading or converting, the program supports up to 10 concurrent files at time. As you discover new files, add them to the batch. As one finishes, the program will activate another until your queue is empty.

Download Free Music is highly customizable as well. You can dictate where it stores downloaded files, and the program supports deep folder layouts. You can set a file size limit as well as total file count, and you can also set a program to activate when these limits are reached. This allows for some advanced possibilities, such as triggering a script that further organizes or archives your downloads.

The biggest functional issue with Download Free Music is that search results aren’t ideal. The results are often numerous, but you’ll contend with duplicates and useless entries. Another potential issue is that programs like this one may be becoming dinosaurs as Spotify and other solutions like it become popular.


  • Access public sources
  • Download raw audio or convert to MP3
  • Download up to 10 files concurrently


  • Search results aren’t optimal

Being able to download and listen to music free of charge is perfect for anyone who appreciates music. Spotify is a program that allows you to listen to all of your favorite tunes for free. Spotify takes a similar, but different approach to music streaming.

To begin enjoying the music that Spotify has to offer, it needs to be downloaded. Once you download and install the program on your computer, you need to create a valid username and password. Once you have done this, you have access to billions of your favorite songs and artists.

Although there are a lot of other programs that you can use, Spotify wins the race in many different categories. As far as searching for songs and artists are concerned, you will have access to the entire database of music. You are able to use the main artist, decade, album, genre and featuring artists to find the songs that you enjoy.


There is nothing like having all of your favorite songs play one right after the other. With this program, you can create as many different playlists as you would like. You can put the same song in more than one playlist, as many times as you feel is necessary. When you create your playlist, you can name it and rename it to describe the kind of music that is in the playlist.


Spotify has a radio feature that allows you to explore and listen to different genres of music. When you are listening to the radio through Spotify, you can add songs that the radio plays to any of your playlists. You will be able to rate each song that plays on the radio by giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you enjoyed the song, giving it a thumbs up indicates to the software that you like the song. If you give the song a thumbs down, this lets the software know that you did not like the song, and Spotify will not play the song again. Each song that you like will be put in a playlist that will be entitled, “Liked from Radio.”

Following and Adding Friends

Many people are fond of Spotify because it is similar to social networking, but it uses music instead. With this feature, you are able to add and follow your friends who have active accounts on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Following your friends allows you to view the songs and artists that they enjoy listening to, and you can view any playlists that they have created.


• New features allow users to sync their iPod to the system.

• New MP3 downloading features

• Organization for all of your playlists

• Share collaborative playlists with your friends

• Stream radio with preferred filters

• Social media features: connect to Facebook, access to your friends list

• Import MP3 media files to the Spotify software

• Subscription available for ad-free music


• If you are using the free version of Spotify, you are required to listen to ads after every 5 or 6 songs

• Certain songs are not available for downloading

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